Work on groups as work at the level of solids

Modeling of small architecture requires work on independent blocks. In object modeling, I also often care about the behavior of the body that forms part of a larger body.

Can uMake help in such object-oriented design by creating new 3D solids, but as a separate group (object) based on the implied shape?

example of operation:

  1. I draw shapes from eg blueprint as 2D.
  2. I select one or more surfaces and activate the scissors icon, I choose the new “push pull surface” icon.
  3. In the “Push pull surface” mode, depending on the needs, I activate the new “union surface” icon and extrude the 3D block as one union surface or in the absence of the active “union surface” icon several separate blocks.
  4. I finish extruding.
  5. I have a new group object not related to the blueprint grid.

Best regards Team uMake!

In the new “union surface” mode it is worth adding options, the ability to select lines that must be kept separate in surface union.

Thank you for the suggestion!

I think you can already do something similar in uMake today.

  1. Place the blueprint on a separate layer and lock it
  2. Draw a shape and the pull it
  3. If you double-tap to select a surface/line of that 3D object, you can double-tap again to select all the edges and surfaces connected to it
  4. Then, group this 3D object - once it’s grouped, it won’t affect other shapes intersecting with it

Does that answer your request or am I missing something?


thank you for the suggestions evi.

Unfortunately not. The key is to draw a 2D mesh, then extrude the necessary solids from them, i.e. create different solids from it depending on the selected surfaces. Lumps must be uniform. for example.
from this grid, depending on the marked surfaces, I can create (Embossed), many different, UNIFORM, unrelated solids.
for example.
I tick the boxes A and B = I extrude one block AB, without divisions with the sum and the shape of AB. Preferably with the option of scissors, which during extrusion form a separate, new group of objects, one body.

A+B=New3D solid object ”AB"
A+D=New3D solid object “AD”
A+C+D=New3D solid object “ACD”

in this way, I can create many separate independent objects from one mesh, which are perfectly matched to each other, but are not one and only separate objects, which I can quickly modify in the second stage of project visualization. modifications. creation.

This is a method of creating objects, not only architectural ones, very quickly.

In my opinion, these few changes could significantly improve the comfort and intuitiveness of creation in uMake.

Please rate this movie. Creating a new object suited to an existing line in the project is a hassle. You can emboss lines, but creating a new, distinct 3D object by simply embossing the surface with “pusch pull” is a complication and it is impossible to work.

Please consider this technique of work with uMake which I propose.
UMake would use a simple method of work technique to receive completely new spaces for creation and application?

Thank you for sharing your work methodology! Very interesting.

  1. We have a task for supporting Push & Pull for 3D surfaces, like the one you presented in the video, so we think this will ease the hassle of creating 3D objects from 2D non-flat surfaces.

  2. As for supporting Push & Pull for multiple selected surfaces (AB/ACD/AABCD)- we know it’s a pain and we plan to resolve it sometime in the near future.

Thanks for sharing your feedback!


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