Wishes to make Umake more comfortable

Hi everybody

As a foreword.
My drawing process is to put my head in my left hand
or hold a cup of coffee in it, let my imagination flow
and draw with my right hand. So i dont like to be forced
to use both hands on the ipad.

I dont know why so many app designer force us users
to take both hands to use there app, i found this distracing
especially if you can do many things in the app with the apple
pencil and just one or two things not.

Here are my wishes. For making the use of umake
a little more comfortable.

Selection of many curves.
As i said in my foreword i like to do everthing ore most
things with the pencil. I dont like how the selection mode
works by now.

My idea is, let me tap the Selection symbol once
with the pencil and if i do so it should stay in selection
mode and let me draw my selection line then.

to make this possible a toogle/switch in the preferences
would be fine where we can choose in which way the
selection symbols works
as an example:
copy of objects work allready in this way in umake

Select Curves bei drawing a selection line around it
One selection stroke through/over the lines that i like
to select would be in many cases a much shorter way

maybe also as a toogle/switch in the umake preferences.
also as an example:
The concepts app let you choose between this two modes

Form regonition
Form regonition is very welcome, but it doesnt work so well,
very often it puts a quader in a circle, i think especally if i work
in a small scale.

So i would also like for Form regonition a toogle
in preferences where i can turn it on or off.
Of course it also would be nice if form regonition improve

Smoothing Lines
I also would like to have a control mechanism where
i can control how much lines are smoothed out if i draw
in pencil or sketch mode so that i also can draw some spikey
lines if i like do so.

Thank you, for taking note

Thank you for this informative feedback, @3dddpainter!

We will take all these suggestions into consideration.

As for selection:

A “selection tool” is probably a desktop type of tool that might not work well with touch-first user interfaces

Lasso tool that intersect with other lines could be an improvement - I’ll add it to our tasks.

Thanks again!

Hi Evi

You wrote:
" A “selection tool” is probably a desktop type of tool that
might not work well with touch-first user interfaces "

I dont see that this is so much a problem of touch interfaces
at least for the things I mentioned. Sorry to say this, i know
and own many ipad graphic apps (vector and bitmap) and
umake is the only app where you have to press and hold
the selection symbol with your finger for a selection.

My question / idea was, if whether you cannot also make a toggle
as with the copy icon in umake for the selection symbol. The copy
symbol already work in this way, so it doesn’t seem impossible
either. And maybe also a setting option in the preferences where the
users can choose which of the two possibilities they prefer to use.

Or that the selection symbol registers whether it is touched with the
finger or the pencil and react accordingly.

I still recommend to take a look at the concepts app, maybe it will
bring some ideas for further enhancements for selections in umake

Here a illustration, what i meant.


Sorry for the delay, @3dddpainter.

Now I understand you. Yes, it is possible now by double-tapping on the Lasso button. This will keep the “Multi-Selection” mode on until you’ll release it.


Hi Evi

No problem,

In the meantime I found it out myself
when I read some posts in the forum.

I don’t know why it is necessary to double-tapp,
one tap should do it. Because i think the umake app
could register if i tap the selection symbol with my finger
or pencil and react accordingly.

But still good to know that there is this
possibility with the double-tapp

Thank you for help