Using my own textures?

Very new to uMake (this morning!). I see that there are some existing textures that one can apply to a model. Is there a way to apply my own textures, add them to the textures collection and such?

I’m looking to use uMake to build and export 3D objects for use in Codea, which seems to be able to understand provided textures in imported files.

Regarding “materials”, are they materials in the sense of Blender? Blender materials correspond to faces in the sense of Second Life. Are there similar mappings in uMake?


Hi @RonJeffries,

Welcome! Congrats! Thank you for writing us.

As for questions:

  1. Yes, you can import your photos to the iPad and then import those into uMake. Here’s how to:
    uMake: 3D Design & CAD Modeling for iPhone, iPad and Mac

  2. Exporting photos - at the moment, textures used in uMake are for presentation only. It means that when you’ll export the geometry to .OBJ, the textures won’t be part of it. We know it’s a limitation at the moment and we will work on improving it.

  3. Materials - since each 3D software using its own materials, the ones in uMake won’t be compatible with the ones Blender support. The ones in uMake are good enough to explore and present it as an idea, but if you want to export those to Second Life for example, you might need to go through Blender in this case, as they probably developed specific support for this platform.

Let me know if that answers you questions.


OK, that’s about what I thought. A materials model and export with applied textures would be good, but uMake is already amazing.

Strategically, I guess you need to see how to position yourself vis-a-vis tools like Blender or Max. Maybe initial work and then export is good enough … but given no limits, it’d be great to be able to do “everything” on the iPad.



Thank you for the feedback and kind words! We couldn’t agree more. We’re working towards this vision. There’s a long way to make everything available on the iPad, but we’re confident that it will happen!

We’re always working on new ways that we can push the envelope when it comes to 3D design, if you have any ideas, we would love to hear them!