URGENT - uMake 3.0 exporting photos at 1024x1024 - need to address


Been using uMake subscription since April of this year. One of the things I use is the “save to photo” function in the export menu inside of the app on my iPad.

From there I touch up the image in Affinity Photo.

However since the new 3.0 update, the outputted files have been reduced from 2048x1537 to 1024x1024.

I’m hoping that this is a bug and not a new feature! As it generally impacts my workflow.

I basically create weekly webcomic cartoons using 3D models created in uMake (for anyone interested). I’ve created my comic for this week, but with this bug(or feature) I’m severely hampered for next week’s comic.

I’m open to suggestions on how to downgrade to uMake 2.12 (I don’t have a saved uMake.ipa file on my laptop as iTunes stopped doing this a year or so ago) so I can continue with my work until this bug is fixed in a future update.

I have access to signing apps if the kind people at uMake can send me an unsigned version of 2.12 (or even a beta version of 3.xx which addresses this issue) I’d be extremely grateful.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Kiwi,

Thank you for writing to us here.

We noticed this bug after releasing the recent update and we’re already working on fixing it. We will upload a fix to it this week so it can be ready this weekend or early next week.

We can offer a temporary downgrade to uMake 2.12. I’ll add you to TestFlight and send you the instructions on how to use it.

Thank you,

Thanks Evi,

I’ve downgraded to uMake ver 2.12 thanks to your instructions. Appreciate the quick reply as well as the support (which is top notch!).


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