Unwanted split surfaces

Hi, this is my first post and I’ve started to work through the basic tutorials on YouTube. I just completed the Hot Kettle tutorial. But I found any time I did the extrudes from a circle or semi circle the extruded surface is split into quadrants.
I read a comment about it and the answer was to delete the dividing lines and create a surface between the end surfaces- a long work around and not a good use of time. I’m hoping to use uMake for a quicker work flow, to smash out ideas before moving on to the finer aspects of a design, but this would slow things down. Is there a fix for this issue that is not so time consuming?

@Pari, thank you for writing to us!

I understand the frustration that this kind of behavior might create while trying to smash out ideas quickly. The splitting is happening to handle better, more complex shapes.

I’ll ask our development team if we can improve it sometime in the next weeks.

I will keep you posted here.


Thanks for your response. I look forward to the updates