Understanding building surfaces better

Hello!, quick question. So looking at more efficient ways of, building surfaces and a came across the car models. They have large sweeping surfaces boarding many lines.

When I unlock I can see it has multiple surfaces that somehow blend visually together

When I remove a section I can see there isn’t an edge?. I’ve tried removing edges and it tends to delete my surfaces when removing. Is there a trick to preventing this? Is the edge removed or transparent?.

So my question is how was this created?. I’d like to make large surfaces without tons of lines in them. Could someone point me to a tutorial or some info ask too how it was built this one. Thanks! :slight_smile:

If I delete and make my own version it comes out like this :confused:

Hi @Mark1,

Good catch! I think this specific 3D car was made before some core-changes we’ve made. With that said, the fundamentals remained the same, to create more complex surfaces, you’ll have to break them down to multiple parts/patches.

The way you can hide the lines is by selecting and moving them to a new layer, and then hide that layer.

Let me know if this helps.


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Great thanks evi!

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