UMake crashes and 3D rotation issues

I have the Second gen iPad 12.9”. Several times I have had Make crash and had to restart UMake. Loosing my changes. From time to time when I rotate an object in 3D space it hangs like the cpu has to catch up and about a second later it works again. I am not completely shure if the to issues are related.


Hi @Jmgerard,

Based on your description I assume some complexity in the geometry causes these issues (the crash and slowdown in performance).

Can you please upload here the .UMK file or send it to us at “[email protected]”?


hi, Im selecting lines in my model when suddenly the whole model disappear. I tried hitting previous and forward button, but only few lines of my previous actions are visible. I tried closing the working file and reopen it only to have it loading at 99% for more than 15 minutes. Then i tried closing the apps and reopen it and still loading. 2 days worth of works gone :frowning:

Hi @Amierah,

Thank you for the information and our apologies for this experience.

Would you mind sending us your file so we can take a look at it please? Don’t worry, your work is safe and we will solve this issue together.

  1. Go to the File Manager
  2. Tap on ‘Edit’
  3. Tap on the drawing with the issue
  4. Tap on “Report Problem” and send it the file to us.

We will look into this issue and resolve it for you.