UMAKE 3d version (one time Purchase) includes all elements (uMAKE +)?

when I buy the umake 3d version a (one time Purchase) THROUGH APPLE STORE in my case it appears at 400 CHF, BUT IT INCLUDES ALL ELEMENTS of (UMAKE+) (unlimited creativity) AND ALL unlimited contents: mobile 3d models, AR-Ready, shapes 2d, textures, etc … ???

  1. Unlimited 2D Elements icon
  2. Unlimited 3D Elements icon
  3. Unlimited Textures icon
  4. Unlimited Environment Lights
    (translated with google translate)

Hi @JI_XO ,

Thank you for your patience. Apologies for the delay.

The Lifetime plan / one-time purchase is for the uMake plan only. Because uMake+ is a content-based subscription (everything in uMake, plus unlimited content) a one-time payment solution doesn’t make sense. This is why we provide an unbundled subscription for users who purchased the Lifetime plan - you can opt in / out from the uMake+ anytime while keeping the uMake tool (because you purchased the Lifetime plan).

Let me know if this answers your question.