UI / UX suggestsions

A few suggestions which I think would improve usability, at least for me.

  • configurable default units, or last used units for new new designs.
  • hide menu pane when gesture/ pen press in design area
  • configurable left lower menu, to upper left corner, as this is more accessible when holding the ipad
  • keep circle diameter numerical editable when circle has been completed, now it needs to be selected and then edited. Actually applies to all numerical input.
  • measurements, and keep measurements visible (or separate layer)

Keep up the good work!

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Thank you for the feedback, @Morten!

Here are my comments:

  1. In the works. Will probably be available in a week or so :slight_smile:

  2. Great suggestion, will consider that.

  3. You can do it today by dragging the orbit button to the upper corner, here’s a video that demonstrates it: uMake: 3D Design & CAD Modeling for iPhone, iPad and Mac AND uMake: 3D Design & CAD Modeling for iPhone, iPad and Mac (1:55)

  4. Yes, we’re aware of it and will see if we can easily implement it.

  5. How would you like to have this feature? As a static dimensions (part of the drawing) or a virtual dimensions that are just visible and you can just turn it ON/OFF from the Settings panel?



  1. Good to know!
  2. Thanks, a minor nuisance, not big.
  3. Great! There are most surely more hidden gems in here :slight_smile: like I was frustrated with no import of umake files, but found it in a (semi) logical place…
  4. Look forward to that!
  5. Not necessarily part of the drawing for a 3d part to be 3d printed, thus ok with virtual with on/off. However one feature to consider is to export 2d views as pdf, then the option to include measurements in the file would nice. Eg. Working drawings for a threehut, sheed etc :slight_smile:

New feature request: when exporting to STL the ability to group parts to separate STL files. E.g. One of my concepts is to make a camera bracket for a drone consisting of multiple designed parts and some existing materials (carbon fiber rods, M3 bolt/nuts, etc), thus the existing parts are not needed to be 3d printed, and the parts making up the overall bracket design might need to be printed separately and in a larger number. Have a workaround for this, to save as duplicate and delete not needed parts, but its not a good solution.