Turn my Design into a one-coponent?

Hello my name is Frerk and I am new here.
A great app. I have the following problem and “my english is not very good, so sorry” When uploading my stp file to a service provider, I get an error message. The STP file consists of several individual parts and cannot be edited. How can I turn my design into a one-component?

Hi @Frerk,

Welcome and thank you for writing to us!

Would you be able to send us your .SKP file to “[email protected]”? We will look into the file and check what solutions can be applied here.


Thank you for the fast answer. I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong and hope you can help me. the construction is a sheet metal part.
The service provider who is to produce this part for me needs an STP file.
www.laserteile4you.de Frerk.stp (647.5 KB)
Frerk umk.umk (34.3 KB)

Thank you for sending your file. We will look into that.

I assume the service provider is looking for one unified geometry, maybe?


Hi @Frerk- after trying working with the design in multiple 3D modeling software, I think the issue with the service you’re trying to use.

They don’t accept non-unified 3D bodies files, and that where the problem is.

I suggest sending them the .STP file and asking them what is possible in this case.

Let me know if this helps.