Toon / flat shade

I find that in most situations I prefer the line view with a basic shader. It looks like cel shaded toon rendering.

would it be possible to remove ambient light be 100% flat shade or have some sort of cel shaded light shading, fresnel effect. Both generally are low cost for real-time and wouldn’t require any rendering. I could see a gigantic potential in leveraging this. I did this car in another iPad app, then brought it into unreal 4 and built toon shaders to make it cartooned, so it’s game ready and can be used for illustration.

umakes default view isn’t far off from the toon look… Would it be hard to get this result in viewport?. Would be a huge game changer. Concept artists/myself would see huge benefit from it :slight_smile:

-removing light and having a flat setting
-addition of fresnel or light cull control to create the toon shading.
-ability to delete/hide/make transparent edges we don’t wish to show.
-a simple outline feature - camera facing black outline on silhouette of objects.

Pretty please say we can have this! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you, @Mark1!

Absolutely! We’re going to add different types of shaders probably in this quarter or a bit after. We love the toon shader and you’re right, it adds a lot to concept art. As for the outlines view - will have to look into this, as it’s not as trivial as we would like it to be, but we understand the importance of it for concept design, architecture, and other presentations.

Thank you for the request!


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Amazing love this info and detail

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