To stimulate imagination - Tip to learning Umake

Hi everbody

When I looked for tutorials for Umake on Youtube,
i also saw tutorials for Sketchup 3D.

And i saw some similarities and so i came on the idea
that you could also use sketchup videos to pick up
a few tricks for umake.

This video by Timothee Meyrieux shows what I mean.
It is called " How to Concept Design Art using
Sketchup and Photoshop "
Concept Art Design

It shows some modeling tricks that can be used
in Umake in this way or slightly modified.

I recommend to slow down the video. Go to Settings
at the bottom right and select .25 speed. You can
also stop the video at any time.

Here is another one by Timothee Meyrieux
Isometric Graphic Design

Hope it helps, have fun with your
“maybe slightly modified” imagination :wink:

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Thank you for these suggestions, @3dddpainter!

Is there any particular feature or improvement you were looking for?


Hi Evi

A few, I’m collecting… :wink:
and will post them on occasion.

But find Umake already a very nice
extension of my graphic tools.
Especially sketching in 3D and the
push/pull Function.

Have i nice day.

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