Sync problems in mobile work

Hi. First, thanks for the new approach of the app. The app is getting better, however, it still has pending problems to sort out.
For instance, when I am working in a model while traveling by train, if I loose internet connection, the app never recovers the connection and I loose the job done because although the iPad recovers the connection to internet I have to restart again the app and synchro replace my job for the online version.
Thanks in advance for your support.

Hm interesting…i never get this problem…

If you lost your connection press the home button but dont close the app…
Wait until your ipad connect to the wifi/internet then press to home button and go back to the app, u dont get any notification when the app is connected again, only if you lost…
then go back to ‘my design’ and you can see your work sync or not… if not try to turn on-off the internet…
i hope it helped. :wink:
If its still not work, an admin will contact you soon…

Thank you for letting us know, Marcos! Glad to hear that you’re happy with the recent changes in uMake.

We will look into this issue soon and will let you know our findings.


@Marcos we need more details to reproduce the bug. When you get back online, did you try to tap on the Sync button? If so, what does it say?

Did you force-close uMake or logged out of it before going online?


Hi Evi.
I could not reproduce the error at home disconnecting wifi, but it happens to me when I go by train and I connect the iPad sharing the connection of the iPhone via wifi. Tomorrow in the train I will write down all the steps. Basically I cannot recover the connection once they have lost it, even when I arrive at the office and I already have the office wifi (not through iPhone).

Yes, I tap in the sync button, but it doesn’t work and has a Red Cross even when I already have recovered WiFi. So it seems that in some cases it can’t recover the WiFi until the app restarts, maybe in a unstable WiFi connection (shared by a iPhone traveling by train)

Best regards.

This is very helpful @Marcos, thanks!

You’re right - it’s probably related to an unstable connection like a Personal Hotspot. We will try to reproduce it.

Thanks again!