Surface and curve connection

Recently, umake has taken a good step towards making the ipad usable for engineering designs. However, there are still many steps to take. When designing new products (eg industrial design), work with surfaces is required. These are more usable in the new version 3 but: There is no possibility to connect surfaces (curvature, tangency and their level setting) as well as this setting between individual curves. It is not yet possible to create an object with a perfectly smooth surface. It’s a great pity because the degree of freedom that the iPad allows in conjunction with an apple pencil is huge. He cannot compete with work like gravitysketch but on the other hand who wants to spend hours of work enclosed in virtual reality.
I do not know if this is possible in the future, but a great advantage in surface modeling would also be to make surfaces as in Fusion 360 or in Rhino5 and earlier. I mean t-splines.
It is also important to create good navigation and setup of individual sketches and work planes.

Summary of knowledge and wishes for the future:

  • joining surfaces (tangent, curvature)
  • joining curves (tangent, curvature)
  • better navigation between work planes and sketches
  • possibility of modeling t-splines

Thank you, @Vitja!

These suggestions are great. We will look into how to advance our surface modeling techniques in the next couple of months.

As for “create good navigation and setup of individual sketches and work planes” - what do you mean by that? What would you like to see from us in the next couple of updates in regards to sketch and work planes?