Super lost- features not working

Alright so just downloaded and I can’t do anything with this software.

I came on here to ask a question. It logged me out of the app on my iPad and firstly deleted all my designs for some reason so I can’t grab an Image of my initial issue. Logged in, all gone. So that’s a disaster.

Now to my question, i can’t really get anything modeled on the app.

Filleting only works on 1 edge at a time and just destroys my objects every time. So impossible to use. Trying to move faces just corrupts the mesh and breaks it.

I can do part of a side fine, but then try to complete the fillet on the other edges and they don’t connect and ruin the model. If I try to select multiple edges and fillet it doesn’t work at all. Not even close, it just distorts the mesh insanely… the app seems super super broke…

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Mark1

Thank you for contacting us.

First, sorry about your experience. I’m not sure how signing here to the forum will sign you out of your uMake account (the two systems are not related in any way). Did you try to sign in on a different device? Regardless, if you created a uMake account, all your designs are synced to it and are safe. If you try to sign in again, you’ll see them.

If you didn’t create a uMake account, there’s no guarantee your files will be saved as many causes could make your files disappear (deleting the app, stolen device, internet connection related issues).

In general, one thing to remember when using uMake - as opposed to solid modelers, lines in uMake are connected and will affect each other when changing them. To avoid that, you’ll need to group objects (lines, surfaces, or both) to avoid those affected by other lines.

Now, for the fillet - instead of selected the edges, please try to selected the surfaces, like in this example:

Let me know if that works for you.

Thank you,

Hey thanks!, I’ll give that a shot. For the record I had logged in my my phone and iPad. I still keep loosing my designs. So not sure what I’m doing there. Do I need to save or logout before going into my phone. Every single design is lost every time which sort of sucks, right now my design are awful so I’m not too bothered but plan to get better someday haha

Thanks for letting me know!

The first thing to do is to create a uMake account (go to the “Account” tab and tap on “Create Account”).

Now, if you sign in on your iPhone, we will force sign out you on your iPad device so there won’t be any file conflict, this is a security measure we’re taking. In the future, we will enable signing in with the same user account on multiple devices.

Once you have the account created, make sure that all your designs are synced (there’s a “Sync” button in the “Designs” tab), and when you sign in using your iPhone, sign in to your uMake account (go to the “account” tab and tap on “Sign in”.

This way, your designs will always be synced and ready for you on any device.


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