Subscription issue

Hi I have a subscription till November 2019 and when I open UMake I get an option to open a subscription with 3 choices. If I pick one it says I already have one, if I exit UMake has a little tab that says try for free. No matter what I do I cant use the app.!
What do I need to do?

Hi @trevor.kitchin,

Thank you for contacting us and our apologies for the experience.

Have you tried to tap on “Restore Subscription”? You can find it either at the bottom of the subscription screen or under the “Account” tab. Tapping on it will restore your subscription that you used to purchase using your Apple ID.

Please let me know what happens when you’re trying doing that.


Hi Evi,
Unable to restore item was purchased by a different apple id.
I lost the email address for the other id and I’m using a different one now.



This might be a tricky one as the subscription is linked to apple ID only and being managed by the App Store. That said, please email us privately at “[email protected]”, I’ll do my best to come up with a different solution:

  1. The previous Apple ID email address
  2. The current Apple ID email address
  3. Your uMake Subscription order # - in case you have an access to your previous email, you will be able to find it there (Search for “apple umake” in your email inbox)

Looking forward to your email.


OK thanks for that