Streamline settings - pen drawing

Hey guys, so apps like procreate, photoshop and also gravity sketch have a smoothing function when drawing. In procreate it’s called “streamline”. I can tell we have one also in uMake however it seems a bit inconsistent.

Having an updated smoothing + settings to customize. I generally have a very shaky hand unfortunately so I require a high setting. So in uMake I tend to only use the precision tool and manually add my points.

The best implementations of that tool would be:

Procreate - streamline

Zbrush - Lazy Mouse

Blender/Grease Pencil - smoothing function ( by far the best, tons of customization, line weights very smooth drawing.

If you want more info let me know.

Can you please let us know what type of configuration would you like to see in uMake (what are the must-have ones)?


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Hey Evi

So generally most drawing apps use the smoothing function in 2 ways.

1 - active smoothing - so a slider to determine how smooth the stroke will be with the assistance of the app. - so 0 = no smoothing(all shakes wobbles) — 1 = fully smoothed by the app so drawing is ultra smooth with no wiggles,shaking in the lines.

2 - release smoothing - this generally is an option used instead of the option above - uMake currently has this in limited form. This smooths your drawing after you release the pen from the screen. Having a 0 = none — 1 = fully turned on slider, people can customize how the line is smoothed.

The best one I’ve seen is in blender. Here is the documentation for theirs. They offer a lot of customizing, I don’t think you guys need all that, but the “smooth stroke” options are what I’m hinting at the most. For shaky hands like mine having this helps getting the correct curves the l]first time.

Here is a video link that shows all the functions. Easier to see what I mean


Yes, that’s true. Something we didn’t expose so far because we wanted to keep it simple, but maybe it’s time to make things a bit more customizable. The one disadvantage here is that “less smooth” would mean more control points which can affect the device’s performance.

I’ll add it to our list to explore, maybe we can enhance it a bit more in the next couple of months.

Thanks again,

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id say from my side of things i will never use the “less smooth”. but id like a way to take what you have and push the smoothing like 2 fold. so it generates even less points and also ignores the shaking while drawing. so if we could have a way to increase that at the least is what id use 99% of the time :slight_smile:

Will add it to our board and we will do our best to deliver it sooner than later if it’s something that our development team considers as an easy task.


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