STL export shrinks to 10% size

I’m confused on exporting. I have a model that is a 46 mm cube, but when I export it as STL and import it into Cura or others apps it is importing as only 4.6 mm sides. So it’s being shrunk by 90%. Am I doing something wrong on export?

Ok, I might have figured it out. Unchecking the “convert units” option makes my model only 4.6 mm in uMake. Why? What does this setting do? When I originally created the drawing I entered 46 mm. The fact that this setting switches my model back and forth between 46 and 4.6 mm is very weird. To me.

Hi @fab1452,

Thanks for letting us know!

When “Convert Units” is ON, it means that we will convert the current measure you have to the new units you selected. You have the option to turn it OFF, that way, no conversion would happen, and the current dimensions will remain the same.

We find it very handy when you need to convert measurement from metric system to imperial one and vice versa, or from large-scale to small-scale measurements.

I hope this makes sense.


But I don’t understand how that works. Convert from what to what?

In this case, when I first created the document I went to that panel and selected millimeters. Then I created my shapes, entering 46. There are no units when I entered 46. So how do I get converted to 4.6 and why?

It will convert the unitless dimension to the selected unit’s pattern. If you want to avoid it, turn the “Convert Units” off, so no change will occur, except for adding the unit label next to the number (cm, mm, etc.).