Starting from photo-- convert to a sketch - 3d in umake?

Hi, I am a new uMake user and probably the least technically savy. I need to create a 3D representation for medical purposes. Basically, need to have a way to communication location of a lesion in the sides of the nose across different types of nose as the approach to patient varies.

Standard photos dont give the 3D view for communicaiton. And 3d medical imagining is insanely cost prohibitive. So I had an idea to take photos, then convert it to basic 2d sketch by tracing over the key areas and then move the sketch into uMake to make a 3D …

Because I know so little I figured I start by asking the group to see if anyone had anyother suggestions or anticipated a problem that I did not know I will encounter.

Note- I also can not draw so am totally dependent on technology.

Hi @denniz,

It would be helpful if you could post a few photos of what you’re looking to create.

I suggest starting with this video tutorial:

And then this one:

It will give you the basics of creating simple 3D objects. After that, you can start learning how to use Sketch Planes to create more complex 3D shapes:

Hope that helps!