Sphere design help

Can someone help me create the bottom half of a sphere? Want to design fire feature for new business. Thanks

Hi @Gregdodd,

Thank you for posting your question here!

Here’s what you should do:

You create a 180 degrees arc then select it to choose the “Revolve” tool, then you define the rotation angle to 180 degrees.

Watch the following video I created for you:

I hope this helps!


Hi Evi,

Sorry to hijack this thread, but just wanted to say thanks for another useful tip.

I tried doing this myself and I was going a bit slow, so it only ended up drawing a straight line.

It took a few tries before I realised I had to start drawing in a circular motion for it to work as shown in your video.

Previously I was creating a circle, then cutting it in half, then using the resolve tool.


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