Snapping does not appear to work

I must be missing something, I am unable to get anything to snap.
I have gone through each snap option with not a single snap occurrence. I have tried to move 2D objects and 3D. Nothing.
What’s worse is that the movement of objects seems limited to 1/2”. So some objects just will never align.

Of course the snap option is on. Snap to grid is off.
I have attempted with new files and the example file, created groups, kept things as simple as the tuts… Nope.
It doesn’t help the tuts don’t match the current U.I.

Currently using an iPad Pro 9.7
My background includes ten years using Revit, AutoCad, SketchUp.

I seriously would love to use this software.


Hi @Nicholas ,

Thank you for reaching out and welcome! We love seeing users with a vast experience as yours.

Are you using the latest version of uMake (version 2.6)? I just checked and it looks like snap tools are working:

As for the tutorials - we’re currently working on a new set of videos with the updated UI.

A screenshot or video capture of what you’re seeing would be helpful too, if possible.


Here is what I’m seeing. And why I feel like I don’t understand what is suppose to be

(Attachment Video.MOV is missing)


Try to upload the .MOV file now. Let me know if it doesn’t work.