Slitting a curve and disconnecting

Hi, I’m trying to split a curve into two curves and move the intersecting point independently of the other curve. I use the split function and then click the scissors icon to disconnect. This allows me to move the whole curve without the other following it. However, if I try to move the actual control point where it intersects the other curve, the other curve’s control point goes along for the ride, as if there is still history there, even though I have disconnected the curve.

Hi @umakesm,

Thank you for writing to us.

You’re right, it’s a current limitation, but there’s a quick workaround it:

  1. Move half of the line by 0.01 (or more) while the “cut” (scissors icon) is ON
  2. Then manipulate the control points of wither of the lines

Here’s how:

Let me know if it helps.