Slicing Volumes?


I’m new to uMake and to 3D modeling. But I was wondering: Is there a way to slice a volume using a flat plane? I find that a lot of times it is something I want to do but don’t know how or if it’s possible.

Just to give an example which would illustrate what I have in mind in the easiest way possible: Suppose you designed a round cake, with several layers, swirly whipped cream and all, and now you want to slice a triangular piece out of it. Not that I designed a cake, but I keep trying to do something similar. Is there a quick way to do it in the software?

When I tried, the plane I created did not interact with the layers of the “cake”, and so it did not create the division I was hoping for, and I had to slice the “cake” manually going over the complex contour of the “whipped cream” and all.

Hope I’m clear. Thanks! lovin this software.

Hi @Ifat,

Thanks for the question.

Currently it isn’t possible to slice a volume using a flat plane/surface. This would be possible using a ‘Boolean’ command as ‘Substruct’, that’s currently missing in uMake.

We will add it sometime in the future.

Hope that answers your question.


OK I look forward to future updates. Thanks :))