Sketching on surface - editing

generally when i draw i always need to return and nudge/adjust the lines to work better, my drawing isnt steady/smooth. However i have noticed when drawing on something you cant edit it at all. so if i draw and mess up and want to remove a point or two. or soften a curve i cant. in those situations i have to hover a sketch plane ontop of the surface, draw my design, adjust the points as needed, then delete the face under and restitch to my new lines that i edited.

could we expose a way to edit the surface drawings?

It’s true for non-planer surfaces only, as the lines created on a non-planer surface are complex, and might cause some conflicts - that’s the reason we disabled editing those lines so far.

With that said, if you sketch on planer surfaces, you can edit the sketched curves in any way you’d like.

Maybe I didn’t completely understand the issue you’re facing?


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Yup that’s the issue, ok planar for sketching.

Could I sketch on non planar and then detach the curve from the surface to edit?. Most times I don’t need/want it permanently attached to the surface anyways. It just makes adding details much easier as you don’t have to set up sketch planes and readjust curves to the area you wish to detail, having them more or less fully aligned to a surface removes a ton of manually editing to align after.

Maybe sketch on non planar surface > select the curve > press on the copy button > drag a copy off the surface > delete original >then id have a curve that I could edit that wouldn’t affect the surface, but it’s aligned.

Last question, will it be possible to sketch over multiple surfaces?. So to build complex surfaces I need to break them down otherwise the generated surface can be low-poly and render sort of messy. But by breaking into multiple parts I have control over the way it creates the hull, by doing so however I can no longer sketch over more than 1 surface, So a car chassis that has “visually” 1 clear body, but it’s comprised of many surfaces, I won’t be able to draw over them seamlessly. So if I wanted to draw detail lines crossing an object or many surfaces they won’t draw past the one surface I selected. To acheive a similar effect I’d have to draw over the top with. Sketch plane aligned close and Snap curves back onto the surface 1 by 1. Doable but way longer flow. If not possible now could be a great idea for the future.

Yes, you can do that. With that said, if you try to edit the line, you’ll fund out that it’s made of many control points - not ideal, but would be good enough if you just want curves in specific shapes and then move/rotate/scale them.

  1. Sketch on surface
    2, Delete the surface
  2. The line will be released and can be selected

Multi-surfaces support - maybe sometime later, We thought about it, but it creates many other conflicts so we decided to limit to single surfaces for now.

I agree it’s longer and not an ideal workflow, but we have a plan to improve all these elements in uMake, so I know that it will get better later on.

Thank you for the feedback and patience with uMake!