Simple shape more complex in .obj - Unfolder

I have a problem when I export my shapes in .obj format.
For example, when I export a simple cube in .obj it makes the shape more complex.
If I use my cube import with Umake on Unfolder (software used to flatten a shape for papercrafts) it will do this.

Whereas with any other 3D software, it will do this.

Do you know why it makes shapes more complex?
Am I doing a bad manipulation?

Thank you in advance

Hi @Anais,

Thank you for contacting us.

I’m not sure what’s happening there, to be honest, it’s more of a question to the Unfolder team and the way they read the .OBJ exported from uMake.

@Yaniv do you have an idea of why it could happen?

Hi @Anais,

Typically it does not happen, so I guess there is more into it that we don’t know yet. @Anais could you please upload your uMake file and the exported obj result, so we could dig a bit more into it ?


Hi Yaniv and Evi,
When I look my cube in wireframe mode, we see the different mershs that are found in the export appear.

Is there a manipulation to reduce the number of mersh, face or otherwise? (Just for the export) The software is really great, it will be super if I can use on Unfolder.

Thank you for your answers
Un cube classique.obj (1.1 KB)

Hi @Anais ,

The wireframe feature in in uMake always display a 4*4 wires on the surface for a topological surface (like the one in your photo), this number does not reflect the number of triangles that are exported during obj export. You can use the wireframe feature to validate the number of triangles of a triangulated surface (like those imported from an obj/stl files) If you will load ‘Un cube classique.obj’ to uMake and display the surfaces as wireframe you will notice each surface have only 2 triangles. Like shown in this image

You can also validate the number of triangles by opening an obj file in a text editor, when I did it I noticed each face of the box have exactly 2 triangles.

So there is no other way to interpret this rather than a problem in ‘Unfolder’. I guess that there is some import configuration that pumps the number of triangles. My advice is to send their support/forum the obj file you uploaded here and to ask what is the reason for what you are seeing.

I am sorry I couldn’t supply the full solution to your problem, and will be happy to help if you will have further questions.


I will ask them.
I hope that I will find a solution because this is the first time that I appreciate a 3D software so quickly. It will be a pleasure for me to work on it.
I hope to find a solution with them.

thank you very much for your answers.

Sorry, it’s me again…

when I generate the simple cube on Blender you can see the multi faces.
In short, can I choose the number of sides, and not export as a triangle?

The software is great, but the export is horrible if I can’t choose that…

thanks again

Hi @Anais,

I am not sure I understand what you are asking.
Are you asking uMake support export to obj with quad or any other polygon faces instead of triangles ?


Thanks, @Anais!

We will try to look for solutions on our end. Next week, we will probably have some idea about what’s possible and how long would it take.

Thank you for your patience and for letting know about this issue.



Hope all Is well!

Would you be able to test the following file and let me know if it’s usable in Unfolder?

cube-unfolder.obj (1000 Bytes)

Not sure how to use Unfolder, but I turned on the hidden geometry and the cube looks fine - if this looks right to you, we will release this enhancement in a week or so.