Show Dimensions and Reference Line Tool

Hi, I’m a new uMake user and really enjoy the app so far. In the past I’ve used sketchup to design things like furniture and buildings. I’m still learning the features and have a couple suggestions. I find the reference line tool (tape measure tool in skectchup) to be extremely useful for positioning different components within the design, especially when they are located in space but not touching other components. Is there any plan to add such a tool? Also, I sometimes need to print out designs to either work off a hard copy or submit with building permit applications, in which case being able to show dimensions is really critical. I saw some discussion about this feature being added. Anytime on when that may come.
Thanks for the help!

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Thanks for the suggestions, @TTugwell and Happy New Year!

Yes, we have plans to support measurement and dimensions tools and we hope to bring them sometime soon this year.