Ruler or Tape Measurement Tool

Hi there,

I am jumping over from MacOS to iOS12 (looking forward really to iPadOS13 this fall). I came from SketchUp 2017 and for the last 2 years I have been making a lot of 3D models and render it with VRay for my office furniture business.

I am really interested in buying one-time purchase of uMake since it is the closest possible thing to SketchUp. The Apple Pencil replaces mouse very well and as you know plenty hours clicking a mouse is really tiring.

I am working on making 3D models for office desks and when I am doing it with SketchUp, I normally create a rectangle shape for a top table, extrude it, then draw another shape on the bottom of it and extrude it again, to create the table legs. I am precisely position the legs on the bottom of the top table using tape measurement tool in SketchUp. Basically it creates a dashed line across one axis, which is normally parallel to the edge of the side of the top table, so it is very convenient. We can input some dimensions like few millimeters to make our drawing really precise and down to ratio as correct as possible with the real thing.

I watched several of your tutorial videos and still wondering whether you have this so-called Tape Measurement tool and if you don’t have it right now, will you add this feature in the near future? I am seriously looking for ways to work from my iPad. Looking forward hearing from you.



Hi Kelvin,

Thank you for contacting us and for telling about your experience.

We currently do not have a Tape Measurement tool like in SketchUp, but this is definitely on our list and we hope to bring it into uMake this year.

In the meantime, you can do either of the following:

  1. When using Push & Pull in uMake, and dragging upwards or downwards, the surface will snap to the closest other pushed & pulled surface, this can save some time when you want to quickly push and pull surfaces and have them at the same height.

  2. When you draw in orthographic views, you can move your pencil/finger towards another line “hover” on it for a second to reveal its control points. This helps when you want to draw a line and use other lines as a reference.

  3. You can create a new layer and use that layer to draw lines that will be used as references to other lines.

Here’s a video that demonstrates it:

Please let me know if that helps. Looking forward to heating back from you.

Thank you,

Hi Evi, thanks for your reply!!

I am looking forward to tape measurement tool added to uMake. Your team have made an excellent decision to add the one-time purchase option in your subscription list. I personally think, CAD Engineers prefer total ownership of their own software rather than paying ridiculously expensive yearly subscription!

I am really really looking forward to the tape measurement tool since it is very helpful to me and I believe to others too. The tool must be in the home screen and react the same way just like SketchUp, then it is perfect.



Oh… one more thing Evi.

When we want to input dimension, a pop up window appears and we would like you to add “c” as in “clear”

Most of the time we do not have time to make a perfect line by dragging apple pencil to desired dimension. We just slide the pencil onto the screen from point A to point B and we are going to precisely type the numbers we want as the real dimension of that line.

Currently you only have backspace function and sometimes when the decimals are plenty it takes few seconds more than a single tap of CLEAR.

I hope you understand what I mean and you can add this feature in the near future. Because I am seriously using your software for my work. Thank you.

Thank you, Kelvin! @mrfunkyjay

As for the tap measurement - adding it in the main screen makes sense. I’ll think about ways it can work on mobile.

In regards to the numbers keypad “clear” button - you right. We will try to include it in the next update.

Thank you for the feedback!