Render layers with png file


First of all, great implementation of the rendering feature. It is very smooth and well executed, without making it seem cumbersome.

I was trying it out and noticed that some layers I have on the products have rectangle png image files, with smaller objects on it. But upon rendering with shadows, the entire png file surface gets a shadow (even the transparent background). Is there a workaround to this that I’m missing?

Or, can we somehow shut off rendering/shadows for some layers completely, and just add those elements as it is later?

Hi @Vividhgulati,

Thank you for the kind words! Hope all is well.

We’re looking into it, might be a bug. Will update you once we find the cause of it and if a solution can be released sometime soon.

Also, if you can share here any examples, that would be helpful too!

Thank you for your patience.


Quick update: it is a bug. We will fix it in our next update.

Thanks again for letting us know!


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Thanks for the promptness, appreciate the great work! :slight_smile:

For your quick ref, attached is what I mean…images without rendering, with rendering (all layers visible), with rendering (clock face and hands png files hidden). Hope it helps.

Thank you for the reference! This is useful.

We will prioritize this bug to be part of our next update.


@Vividhgulati: A quick update: Yaniv fixed this issue and we will include it in our next update. Thanks again for letting us know about this!

In the attached exmaple you can see that the transparent surface doesn’t create a shadow on the surface beneath it.

Thanks Evi,

That is great! :slight_smile:

The team’s doing an amazing job, being this prompt. Kudos!

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Thanks. Great to see the issue being eradicated in the update.
Can you please check and advise if I’m doing something wrong, with my images file? In the front on view, I can see the image background, the same is not visible in the side view.

Would you be able to send us the file as a .UMK file so we can see if we can restore this issue?


PFA herewith the file. Let me know if you need any further information.

NOTE: Some others designs I’ve made are not showing any such problems in (2.2 MB)


Would you be able to clear that texture from the surface an re-apply it on the surface?

We think it’s a bug that happens with existing textures but won’t happen with new ones. Regardless, we will fix it so it won’t affect textures that are already exist in the drawing.