Reinstalling App & My designs


If I sign-out, delete and re-install my UMake app, will I lose all my current designs?

I was thinking of doing the above to hopefully fix a consistent crash I’m getting.

Thank you!


I’ve done this a few times and haven’t had any problems. The designs are saved in the “cloud” on uMake’s servers (I guess).

However for extra piece of mind, I always backup my designs to the files app in iOS.

You can do this from the main design screen (just tap edit, select your designs, select share, export as umk, and choose the files, and go from there).

Hopefully Evi can confirm the above before you proceed (just to be extra safe).


Hi Ashton Trujillo,

This is Yaniv from the uMake team. I am truly sorry for this experience, we are aware of the problem and are working on a fix for it at the moment. Once it will be fixed we will release a new version with it.

As for your question, if you created an account on uMake (which I see according to our DB that you did) your files are always sync on our servers, so deleting the app re-installing it and then signing in back to your account will get you back files for sure. However, for the time being we do suspect there is a problem during the sync process with one of the files and that is the reason for the constant crash - each time the app tries to sync the problematic file and crash again. So if that is the case if you will use uMake offline until we will release the fix you will be able to work again. Can you try that and let me know if that helps? It will be best if you will close your internet connection on the iPad, open uMake, work as usual and see if it helps, and then go back to File Manager (the main window outside the drawing canvas) move to Account section and than use the Contact Us at the bottom. This way we could also get very helpful information that will let us help you sooner. After you are done sending the feedback, please turn on the internet connection of the iPad so that the mail will be delivered successfully.

Again, I am sorry for this experience, I hope to solve this issue ASAP.
Yaniv Amsellem Sela,
Lead Developer,


Thank you fore clarifying!

I have imported a myriad of skp files from the SketchUp Warehouse so I could see there being a problem with one of the files. And I did also notice a lag in the syncing more recently.

Now if I can figure out which file is giving me the headache.

Thanks again, Yaniv!



Thank you Kiwi! And thanks for including photos.


Happy to help Ashton,

If you could send the feedback using to Contact Us in the Account section on the file manager window. We could possibly help you detect the problematic file faster.