Push-pull surfaces not selected

The selection of the pull-push surface works well for a single surface and for creating a hole or an extrusion. If I want to create a new hole inside an extrusion (everything circular in this case), I can’t select the new inside circle and when it happens, it includes both circles. I have tried many ways without success. (I try to draw a tube with two enveloppes of different lengths)

Hi @Serge,

Thanks for reaching out!

Can you please upload a screenshot of your design?



(I tried to send you pictures of the final object, but your system refused it. Here is a new sending without these photos).

Thank you for your answer. Here is my project. I want to increase the length (9 mm) of the inner circle.

I had many difficulties to extract a part of the cylinder.

I don’t see any explanation in your videos that will help me design a flute or a recorder for example.

The final object is a drone reed for a sackpipa (Swedish bagpipe).

Thanks for the help. I am sure uMake is great, but we lack info to use it at its maximum.



Thanks for letting us know, @Serge!

For some reason, your photo doesn’t show up here. Can you please try again or send it directly to “[email protected]”?



Hope you had a good weekend! Sorry for the delay.

Attached a quick video I made:


Is that what were you trying to create?


Thanks for the video. It helps. It is not a through tube, it has a bottom. Nevertheless, it’s ok. Then I’ll try to cut of a piece along the tube and dig a hole on that new surface.
In your videos, could you had a general video on how to make a flute?


The inner section of the tube has a bottom. I do exactly as you propose in the video but without erasing the inside circle. I can easily pull the bottom and create a thin bottom in the tube. When I finally (after many attempts) select the second circle to push-pull, the first section disappears. There must be a bug.

@Serge, now I understand - yes, there’s a bug, sorry about that - we will fix it for our next update.

In the meantime, you can select the curves that create that circle and create a surface. Here’s how:


Is that what you referred to?


More or less. Imagine a bottle with a thick wall and a long thick neck and with a slice off the side. The other problem is that I cannot draw on the surface I created but taking off the slice. I am really in a dead end street… This small piece is the first of a more important project. If I cannot use it for simple things, I can’t use your app. The basic principle of your app is great but…

@Serge Can you please provide a clear reference of what you’re trying to create? I tried to look at the website you sent earlier but the images are not clear enough.

I’ll try to recreate what you’re looking for and record it.




Not sure why, but the image doesn’t appear. Click on this button:

And choose your photo.


If I understand the design in the photo right, you would need to sub-struct the surface by substructing one surface from another. This is something we’re currently working on and would be available sometime soon.

I hope soon… otherwise it means that I have paid for a software for kids. For the moment it ‘s a loss.

Another problem. I have signed in but I cannot sign in through the app. The system does not recognize me. I have to reply with regular email.

The Discourse forum has a separate login (not connected to the app itself). Did you try the credentials of the app or the ones you used to create the account here?

I’m not sure, but I think I created the account with the app.
Anyway, now I use Sharp3D. It works 100% for what I need, and it is easy to handle. As I paid uMake for a year, I’ll probably come back. But after you improve the app.

Thank you for the feedback, Serge. If you have any further questions, please let us know.


I have my issues that I wrote up that might help with suggestion for an update since this seem like a similar issue…

UMake feature request

I think I have the concept of Umake and in particular the Push and Pull, and Extrude functions concept down. But this is still wonky. I am trying to figure out why when I go to use the Push and Pull function it still is not easy to use. Over and over again I start from scratch…

  1. I create a circle
  2. Tap on the surface
  3. create a surface on the circle plane.
  4. Push and Pull surface
  5. Create a new layer
  6. Create a smaller circle on larger circle plane
  7. This is where thing go-a-stray
  8. I am using the Apple Pencil.
  9. I tap on the smaller circle to create a surface.
  10. What happens is that the circle outline is selected therefore will not allow me to create a surface without a lot of fiddling around. Ie zooming in and out, rotating view, etc. since at this point the color of the surface is the Sam on both layers it is difficult to tell if I created a set face of did not create a surface. it would be much easier if small circle was in a different color for the plane surface that would help. Having a default separate surface color for each plane would be really helpful. Also taping should be more accurate when using the pencil. If I tap anywhere in the center of the small circle the plane should be selected not the outline. These are the 2 main problems I am having. Not easy at all to use. The concept is easy not the execution.
  11. So I was able to perform a push and pull on the smaller circle drawn on a plane, by turning off the default layer, adding a surface, changing the color, then turning back on the default layer and performing a push and pull. This at least has a different surface color. I think to automate this process that each layer again should automatically or default to a different color. This is the fist change I need added to Umake.
  12. Then the accuracy of the Apple pencil position need enhancing considerably. Right now I have to zoom in to the of layer 2 (smaller circle), until my Apple Pencil tap in the center of said circle is recognized by Umake.
  13. In conclusion these 2 enhancements would make the Push and Pull function soooo much easier to use.

Hey @Jmgerard,

Thank you for this feedback and Happy New Year!

  1. Great suggestion for the “overlay surfaces” color. We will see if it’s possible adding it to our next update, as it definitely makes it easier to understand.

  2. As for selecting lines vs. surfaces - you right, in some cases it could be challenging. It’s a trade-off we currently have, but we do work on improving this behavior.

Thanks again!