Pull no flat surfaces

I’m new to uMake, I think it’s an amazing tool!
Will try to learn it to design some free shape jewellery and 3d print.
One question please…you can design some beautiful curve surfaces. If you can’t pull/extrude them, where we can use them and how?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Alexis7,

Thank you! You can extrude curves surfaces, but not to pull/push them (yet). To extrude the curved surfaces:

  1. Select all lines forming the surface
  2. Tap on “Extrude” from the Actions Card
  3. Drag to create an extruded shape of the selected lines
  4. Tap on “V” from the Actions Card
  5. To cap the shape, select all the lines forming the curved surface, then tap on the “create surface” or on the transparent-green preview.

Let me know if this helps.


Thank you so much Evi for your answer!

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