Precision Tool No Longer Available for Sketching on Surface

My umake app just updated this morning and now I’m not able to use the precision tool for sketching on a surface. Is there a way for me to enable that? Right now it’s only letting me use the sketching tool.

Hi @CharlieLP,

Thank you for contacting us.

Can you please send us a video recording of what you’re seeing? I just tested it on our end and looks like things working as expected.


You may have the issue where you have sketch pen selected before activating the sketch on surface function. I noticed that whatever tool was used/selected prior to . doing “‘sketch on surface” will be used and you can’t change. You have to cancel, select precision, then go again. That’s what I had noticed. Possibly that?. Aside from that it also works fine for me.

You’re right, that’s the current behavior. We might be able to change it, but will need to see how long would that take.