Possible to make a YouTube video for creating a shoe?

Tried searching through the current YouTube videos, but couldn’t find anything.

Also tried making one myself but didn’t have much luck. I can manage a flat basic sole using curves and push/pull surfaces. But a raised sole with a heel seems a bit difficult for me at the moment.

Also the top of the shoe seems a bit more difficult - as it would probably require different techniques (such as resolving and extruding along lines).

I have attached a file I’m working on. Included is an example cartoon shoe I’m trying to create myself.

Appreciate any help

Thanks in advance,


Cartoon shoes.umk (75.5 KB)

Hi @Kiwi,

Thanks for the request. We will do our best to create a tutorial about shoe design.

In short, when it comes to shoe design, the key is to create a network of curves that will eventually create organic surfaces.

The main thing about creating this curves network is creating sketch plans and moving from one view to another (side view to top view and then front view) and making sure that the curves’ edges are snapped/connected to create a closed area:

After you created the curves, select all the curves that close an area and then you should see the curves changing to green and also previewing the surface that can be created:

Here’s the UMK file:
Cartoon shoes 2.umk (101.9 KB)

I hope this helps.


Hi Evi,

Appreciate the reply. It’s been most helpful.

You make it look so easy! It will definitely help me in the future when creating new/similar objects.

Thanks again


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