Other types of Arrays - linear, rectangular

Loving the polar array tool, just wish there were other types available, such as: linear (along a line/path), 2D rectangular, 3D rectangular and 3d spherical.


Thanks! It’s on our roadmap and will probably be introduced sooner than later.


Looking forward to it! Thanks.

Another thing to consider with arrays. It would be helpful to have the option of creating a polar array that retains the parameters (like center point, or number of items, or degrees) for later changing them. Maybe an array starts out as a group and then can be “exploded” into its constituent parts for editing individual instances of the array.

I agree. This is also on our roadmap.

We hope to introduce these enhancements in early 2021.

Thank you,

Would definitely appreciate linear array. I’m just getting started with uMake but what I love about it is that it seems well positioned to sketch out a few design alternatives.

With a lot of furniture (and other things), being able to distribute a variable number of things easily over a distance is key. Think shelves, decorative elements, etc. I’d love to be able to see what 4 shelves looks like vs 5, etc.

If there’s a way to do this currently I’d love to know (I couldn’t find one and am doing it numerically, which is a pain), but “array” was the first thing I had in mind.

Hi @Nryn,

Thank you for your suggestion and example of use-case. Advanced Array tool with more options is on our roadmap. We think we will be able to start working on it very soon.