No Tools and Can’t Select Lines? iPhone 11 Pro Max

I cant edit lines at all, or shapes. I can only move and scale them. The sidebar (bottom) has no tools anywhere and the help videos/forums on the app do not address this (so I’ve found). Is this not compatable on iPhone?? I have the latest update.

This app is not user friendly at all.

Hi @Koast

Thank you for posting your feedback.

The tools are contextual to the selection, meaning some of them might be hidden because the line/object you selected is not supported by these tools.

In your screenshot I can see a line, and it looks like you created it using the Freestyle tool, which is not editable (as it mimics a hand-drawing): Learn - Help - 3D Freestyle Sketch | uMake

Please switch to the Pen or Precision tool: Learn - Help - Draw a line | uMake

Let me know if this helps.