Newbie importing a .step file

Hi, I’m a newbie here so my question is probably very simple to answer.

I have imported a 3.5MB .step file that I created on a PC (it came from Altium Designer, it’s an electronic assembly).

uMake says it imported and processed it successfully, which takes a few seconds. But then nothing appears on the screen. I’m thinking maybe the origin point is way off somewhere? How can I get the imported content into the middle of the viewing area so I can see the part?

Or maybe the problem is something else? Do I need to make something visible somehow?

Many thanks!

@Soundscu thanks of letting us know! would you be able to send us the file to ‘’? We will look into it. Thanks!

Thanks. File has been sent via email as requested.

Thanks for sending the file, @Soundscu !

For some reason, when the file is compressed as .zip it doesn’t load, but when extracting the file and importing it as .STEP it does load properly.

Maybe something in the compression process ruins some file structure data, we will look into it. In the meantime, please import the original STEP file or extract the .zip (via the Files app) and then open in uMake to import it.

Let me know if it works.