My wish list for new features

I’ll skip the details since I mentioned them in another thread, but a “Layers” quick menu would be handy to provide quick access while taking less screen space.

A view or orientation lock (i.e. “Front”, “Top”, or perhaps the current sketch plane) would be nice. Since I usually hold the tablet with my left hand while drawing with the pencil in my right hand, I occasionally “bump” the screen with my left thumb and have to reorient the view to make sure my lines are entered on the correct plane. Ideally, the lock would be 2D only and allow panning with two (or perhaps even just one) finger without changing the active drawing plane/view.

This has been mentioned by others, but I’d like to add my support to allowing usage of the “tap” function on the second generation Apple pencil. Ideally, with a user selectable choice of different functions. Or perhaps even with a circular mini-menu of functions which would appear onscreen near the tip of the pencil when it is tapped. The less I have to move the pencil around the screen, the faster I can work.

Again, others have mentioned this, but I also would like to have dimensions available when desired (and assignable to a separate layer). Preferably something similar to the SketchUp tape measure tool which allows user selectable start and end points, as well as user control of the position of the dimension call-out.

Finally, while I appreciate the ability to view my drawings on an iPhone, it is a little annoying to be automatically logged out of my iPad when I use the feature. I understand the problem of data synchronization, but since the iPhone can only view the data in read-only mode, there shouldn’t be any issue of corruption. Perhaps you could just ask if the person attempting to login needs read/write access. If not, then there should be no need to log out the “main” user on the iPad. Even better, the iPhone client could automatically identify itself to the server as a read-only device.

This should be enough to keep you busy for a week or two — just kidding. I’m well aware that software development is time consuming, and that you have to prioritize the most popular and useful features — not to mention, practical. I just hope that some of my ideas make the list.

Thanks for listening.

Thank you for the suggestions, @SteveC!

I already created new tasks based on the suggestions that made sense.

As for the iPhone version - we will see what can we do in this case.

As for the week or two - let’s sync back in two weeks :slight_smile: yeah, it might take a bit more than that. We’re doing our best while working on some exciting stuff. I can assure you that some of your ideas will definitely find themselves in the app later this year.

Thanks again!


Thanks for the update. I look forward to your progress over the next year. Although I like new features as much as anyone, I understand that quality takes time. Also, the logout issue on the iPhone is very low priority. From an outsider’s perspective, it seemed like it shouldn’t be hard since the iPhone is only a viewer and can’t modify data and therefore (presumably) shouldn’t be able to cause any sync issues. Obviously, the developers are the only people that can make that determination. I’m happy to have them devote their time to the most practical and popular features.