Low memory ipad air 3

when exporting a 4k render (with nothing but a simple cube) umake throws an “low memory” error.

ipad air 3 64gb.


Hi @jensgruen

iPad Air 3rd gen is almost 3 years old, while we’re doing our best to support older devices, sometimes there will be hardware limitations we can’t control.

  1. Are you running iPadOS 15? iPadOS 15 Apple allows apps to go beyond the 5gb memory usage up to a 12GB RAM (on the high-end iPad Pro). With that said, it depends on the device and something we can’t control on our end.

  2. Are you trying to export as 4K with @1x scale or higher than that?

  3. Is it with ‘Best’ type of rendering or Automatic Quality?

  4. Did you try to restart your iPad and then only use uMake for the exporting purpose?


Hm, 3 years is too much?

1.) yes latest 15
2.) 4k with scale 1
3.) Setting to best
4.) yes restarted 2 times with no change

I did test this with a custom resolution up to 3000 width with 16/9 aspect and this works. So there seems to a wall after 3000 on ipad air 3 with umake.

Thank you for confirming and testing.

Based on your last comment, it looks that 4K export of a rendered image consumes more memory than what your iPad can handle. It’s not related to the geometry in the canvas, but to the amount of pixels you’re trying to export.

Sorry we can’t help further, as this is a hardware limitation. Do you have an M1 MacBook? If you do, I suggest using uMake on the Mac (for Apple Silicon devices) and that probably would allow you to export the image in 4K.


fair enoug, hardware is hardware.

I do have an m1 mac mini. Umake works on this? that would be fabulous! very good to know.

thank you. will try.

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