Lost the ability to split surfaces

It seems I’ve lost the ability to split surfaces with curves. This goes for basic 2d surfaces as 3D surfaces with the “sketch on surface” command

Was the feature removed?
There’s still help videos on it…

Hi @Dip_designs - thanks for sharing this.

It looks weird, as it should work. Does it happen in new designs or any other design?

I just tried doing the same thing and it works for me.


New designs.
Sorry for the delay… So I thought it could be an iPad OS 14 beta issue so I have wiped the iPad clean and reinstalled

Same issue.
Is splitting surfaces attached to subscription?
I’m a yearly subscriber but wondering if might be categorised wrongly?

Or am i not selecting the surface properly? Or is there a setting some where? I vaguely remember an option in one of your iteration that had a setting to ignore curve/surface splitting? (Could be wrong… I haven’t had a chance to uMake for AWHILE. But Covid has given me a little more time…)

Sorry my stupidity. :roll_eyes:. It seems you need to have auto surfacing turned on for splitting to work.
Could you just add a note in your tuts and help! :grimacing:

Thanks for the super prompt reply @evi!!!

@Dip_designs Phew! :slight_smile: Thanks for letting us know and happy it works for you.