Lost subscription - after signing up for beta program

Decided to try the beta this morning. After downloading TestFlight and opening, my account got logged out. When I logged in it says I don’t have a subscription and wants me to buy a new one.

Checked in my Apple ID and the subscription is still active but the app won’t see it. I removed the test flight and it’s still stuck :(. Any ideas?

It’s also locked everything so I can’t work. Let me know what I should do to fix it. Cheers

Hi @Mark1,

If you’re using the TestFlight version - you will need to subscribe to the Yearly plan every couple of hours.

Any purchases/subscriptions made on the TestFlight version are not real and will expire every couple of hours. You won’t be billed by Apple.

The current TestFlight version is the one on the App Store. We plan to submit a new version in the next couple of days.

Let me know if it works for you.


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