Locked layers still editable

Dear uMake Team,
i am testing your app for our company and i really like it, but there are some things which drive me mad or i don’t understand at the moment (learning since a few days). One of my main problems is that even if i lock all layers and draw on a new layer and move it in position it takes some points from the locked layers and drags them with it.
For example i am adding a floor (architectual sketch) and move it: Some Walls are affected too and get completely deformed in the process (they are on different layers and locked!) the complete sketch is ruined. I cant find a solution in the Forum and cant figuere it out. But this bug (?) makes it really hard to work with umake. Maybe i overlooked something?

Thank you in advance and regards,

Hi @yuy,

Thank you for the feedback.

In uMake, lines that intersect each other will be connected automatically.

There are two options for you:

  1. You can group each element, and that way they won’t be affected by intersecting lines. For example: if you build a single wall, group all of its edges and surfaces, then duplicate it. Think about it as a block you can reuse. That way, you even save on the device’s memory usage, because uMake will consider all duplicated copies as a single entity, resulting in saving memory.
  1. If you don’t want to group everything, you still have the cut tool. When you select an element, you’ll see a “scissors” icon around the selection box. Tap on it once to enable the “Cut” tool, then move/rotate/scale it - the lines will disconnect from the other lines that intersect with them and will not affect them in any way. Tap on it again to disable the “Cut” mode.

As for locked layers - the idea of locked layers is mainly around unintentional selection - so then you lock the layer, it helps in avoiding selecting the elements on that layer and making any mistakes.

Let me know if this helps.

Thank you,