Lag over time when working on design and keeping it open

Hey quick question.

So working on a design and it slowly became super laggy to the point where it was hard to rotate. I thought this was a limitation, but after closing and reopening the app it runs fast again. Is there a known issue of having a design open too long without closing that could slow the app down?. Not a major issue, but raising it as it gives the impression the app is struggling but after reopening it was totally fine.

Either the file is too big, or there’s some memory leak happening. Any app will consume the device memory to some extent, but it shouldn’t happen often in uMake, especially with the optimization we added recently.

Mind sending the file as a UMK for internal tests? How long did you work on the file when it started to slow down?


Sure!, the past day or so it got worse. Seems fine now after reopening. How can I send you guys the umk?. Any email ? Or can I do it from the app?.

Also what contributes the most to lag in uMake?. Too many surfaces, or lines or use of textures?. Trying to figure out how to make things more performant.

my scene isn’t very heavy, it’s a car I’m testing. But just starting so not very heavy. Although it appears I have a lot of duplicated edges somehow.

With the mirroring sometimes working - sometimes not, I tend to duplicate the surfaces and edges over when it breaks. sometimes it’ll mirror properly, but tends to be 50/50 if it’ll work. Then sometimes I notice I have duplicate edges to clean, I seem to get this all the time. I end up with 10 edges on top of each other :/. Can’t track those down easily. Aside from using the lasso and just deleting all the edges. Do we have a “select edges” to find them and then place them in another layer etc?.

Hi @Mark1,


  1. Yes, you can send it to “[email protected]” or upload it here. To export as UMK, go to the “Export Panel,” then tap on “Export as File” then choose UMK and then choose Email.

  2. Not sure what’s going on; I will need to see the file first, but as a rule of thumb, I recommend that once you have the part ready, just group it, so it won’t intersect with other lines. With the new snap tools, we enhanced and will be released in a couple of weeks, you’ll see the difference.

  3. You can move parts between layers by A) select the elements (line/surface/group); B) in the Layers panel, select the layer you want these elements to be transferred; C) tap on the “More” (… icon) and select “Move Objects Here” - then these elements will be on the selected layer.

Let me know if any of these makes sense.


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Great will do, thanks evi!