Keyboard shortcuts

I think the idea of iPads as laptop replacements has become a reality for many people in the last few years. My iPad basically lives on its magic keyboard since the day it arrived.

It’d be great to have keyboard shortcuts and, if the OS allows it, modifier keys. Keyboard shortcuts for things like delete and undo and “enter” (instead of double tap elsewhere), changing views, toggling hidden edges, grouping, etc. would be incredible. Modifiers for things like snapping (nearest point, midpoint/center), item visibility, etc. would eliminate a lot of the fussiness of moving and seeing things precisely with a pencil (I’m not yet proficient at uMake but I use the undo a lot and notice it’s used often in the tutorial videos too). Scrolling and orbiting with a trackpad or mouse would be great.

I don’t want uMake to lose its iPad-first functionality or philosophy. I do find myself wanting it to treat external input devices other than the pencil first-class citizens. I find most operations in uMake are, so far, relatively intuitive, but there is a lot of tapping and interface toggling that could be greatly streamlined for folks with keyboards.

Thank you, @Nryn.

You’re right. We plan to support keyboard and moue interactions later this year. That will make things easier for people that are used to this way work.

Thank you for the suggestion.