Ipados beta umake wont launch

I downloaded umake to use on my 9,7 pro running the ipados beta. It unfortunately crashes right after I launch it. I have used umake before on this same ipad in the normal ios.

What could I be doing wrong or is this an issue because I am running the beta os?

Your help will be much appreciated,
Mathijs Lieshout

I wanted to try it on my ipad pro 2018 (ios13 beta aswell) and it crashes instantly everytime.

Hi @Mathijs-Lieshout and @abmidala,

iPadOS is at least 2/3 months ahead of its official release date. We highly don’t recommend users to upgrade, unless they’re developers working on new apps or adjusting current apps.

We currently do not support iPadOS because of this reason. We will support it once it’s officially out.

Thank you,

If an update is needed with support for iPadOS, how can I get that update with a one-time purchase (purchased on June 27-2019)? The last update I made was 2.8.4, how far can I go and how can I know?
And what about bug fixes? In an earlier email you wrote: “Bug fixes updates are definitely part of the Lifetime (one-time purchase) option.” But bug fixes usually come in updates that also have newer features! Will there be separate updates for this?
It seems confusing to me.

Hi @Luprov,

Thank you for contacting us.

Lifetime plan means you’ll always get bug fixes updates for free, regardless of that specific update includes an exclusive new feature or not. No need to worry about that. The same thing goes to supporting newer iOS - we will always support the newest version while dropping support for very old iOS versions.

As for iPadOS - soon we will start working on adjusting uMake to iPadOS. If you’re currently using iPadOS, uMake should work, but if there any bugs/crashes, you would have to wait patiently when we will release the update that supports iPadOS, once iPadOS will be officially released to the public by Apple.

Let me know if that answers your question.


To be sure that I understand correctly (which is not always the case because English is not my native language) I will make some specific assumptions:

  • I can upgrade from 2.8.4 to 2.9, because it contains bug fixes and so I can also enjoy the new features such as the fillet / chamfer.
  • if the support for iPadOS is available, I am also entitled to that update, even with possible new features. I will not install iPadOS until its official release.
  • if there are only new features and no bug fixes or support for a new ios then I will not be able to update.
    I would be very pleased if you could answer that in concrete terms


Hi @Luprov

Thank you for the quick response.

This seems like a good deal to me.

Now I can look forward to iPadOS with peace of mind.

And did I mention that you do a good job? Umake is a fresh approach to 3D design.

Continue this way.

Thank your kind words, @Luprov! We appreciate it!

Once you feel comfortable with uMake, we would love to learn more about how do you use it and create a story about you and your creative designs, if you’re interested.


I wanted to ask evi, how do I go about requesting to be on the beta ? Would greatly appreciate it and look forward to helping make. Improvements on an already great app!

Hi Awcress,

Thank you for your interest.

Would you be able to send us a short email about yourself and how do you use uMake to “[email protected]”? We have a beta version coming soon.