iPad Pro 12 file management bar

I just started using uMake today on my new iPad Pro 12 and there seems to be some UI problems with the file management bar at the bottom.

It looks like you mean the bottom ribbon to move up and down to reveal a bar with things such as “delete” when you click the ‘edit’ button to enter that mode.

However, on this device, it seems to be inverted in behavior. It’s raised out of the way before you hit the edit button. Then, it slides down to cover the new bar when you did hit ‘edit’. I can actually watch the new bar with the buttons rise from the bottom and get covered by the existing bar as it drops down to cover it.

If I instead move to one of the other pages, such as ‘learn’, the bar is actually visibly raised too high.

I took screen shots and tried to upload them on this post. However it will only allow me to post one. Hopefully one is enough to illustrate.

Hi @Leith,

Thanks for letting us know! That’s a first because we never encountered with this bug before.

Does it happen all the time (even after hard-closing uMake and reopening it)?


After a hard close, I can get it to work, so long as I don’t enter and exit a sketch. But after I do enter a sketch, it’s broken again.

Thanks for the information. I found the bug!

We will fix it in our next update.

Our apologies and thanks again for letting us know.