Impossible to activate a Sketch Plane other than the initial axis planes.

I discovered uMake+ for myself yesterday and immediately subscribed - a fantastic tool.

However, the current version 3.49.1 seems to contain a massive bug concerning the Sketch Planes:
Whenever I create a Sketch Plane and then click on the hook at the bottom right to activate it, the Sketch Plane immediately disappears and the grid immediately moves back to the position of the original XYZ axes (red, green, blue).

This always happens even if I lock the Sketch Plane. So no accurate drawing is possible.
Am I doing something wrong or is this really a bug in the current version? I have watched several tutorial videos on YouTube and followed the instructions exactly - so I can hardly believe that I have misunderstood a function here.

@GuideThomas Apologies for the delayed response. For some reason, this post was flagged as spam, and we couldn’t see it when it was originally posted.

From what I can see, no issues are found related to the scenario you mentioned. In some cases, as demonstrated in the video, you won’t be able to sketch on the sketch plans because the camera angle won’t allow it.

Here’s a quick test I’ve conducted based on your description:

Let me know if you were able to use the saved Sketch Planes.