Importing your own parts created from umake

this likely exists but havent figured out how to do it.

i have a set of parts i made in umake in various scenes. i see there is a import your own files button, however im not sure how to bring umake models from other scenes into my current scene.

For example you guys have a library of car parts/wheels etc. so i can drag that in. id like to place my parts in that system or have a way of importing them in. Is there a way to do so?. would i export the other scenes as umake files and then pass them through the import function that way?.


Yes, you can import your uMake models into an existing drawing (make sure to open the file before so that it will be loaded into your device).

  1. Open the file (if it’s already opened no ned in doing that)
  2. Open the Playground panel
  3. Tap on “My Files” and tap on one of the models
  4. The model will be imported into the center of the axis

We can’t wait to release the new experience, as things like that will much easier and clear to understand.

Let me know if this helps.