Ignore layer during orbit

I’ve got a simple drawing of a plant stand and have included a parts diagram on a different layer. But, when I try to orbit the plant stand, I end up orbiting the whole thing, even if the parts diagram layer is hidden.

Is there a way to orbit just the plant stand?

Hi @kevinmitts,

Thank you for posting your question! Hope all is well.

I’m trying to understand better your question:

  1. Do you want to rotate the specific plant stand?

  2. Do you want the plant stand to be the center of the scene, when orbiting the camera around?

Thank you,


More #2. But, I want to orbit JUST the layer with the nightstand.

Like, make it orbit just the visible items. If I hide a layer, that should remove it from items to orbit?

You’re right. We will look into fixing this for our next update. Thanks!