How to sketch a wall/room and make it 3D?

Hi, I’m currently on the trial version, I need to test if I can use the app for my interior design business.
I’m trying to create a room and put some furnitures, I started with a square, I managed to pull the surface but I’m struggling to create a wall-thickness. I figured I could use the offset feature but I can’t select the “thickness” to pull afterwards, I keep selecting a line.

Hi @Deborah_Dardour

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Here are the steps I made to create a wall in uMake:

(Switch to Top view), then:

  1. Sketch the outline of the wall / room
  2. Select all curves either by triple tap on one of the lines, or using the lasso too (press & hold with one finger and mark the area with the other hand OR double tap on the lasso tool, then mark the area and ten tap "Done)
  3. Tap on “Offset” and define the distance from the original lines
  4. Close all gaps by drawing a lines that connects them to create a surface
  5. Tap once on the surface then pull it to create a 3D extrusion

Here’s a video showing the process:

Let me know if this helps.


Thanks for your answer, that was actually super helpful to understand the way uMake works, and your video was awesome to mimic the steps.
However, what if I want to design a closed room ? Or an entire level with multiple rooms ?

I attached a video of what I used to do with another software, and what I’m trying to recreate.

Hi Deborah_Dardour

I think one way would be like this:
First switch on the grid function and also snap to the grid

Paint along the grid a surface with the outside shape of your room

Extrude this Surface to the highs your walls should have

Now you have a block with the outside dimensions/form of your room

Then draw the lines on top of this block for the inside shape of the walls

Finally hold the tip of your pencil on the innermost surface, it turns blue
and push these surface through the block

Now you have your walls

For windows or doors, you can also use the push/pull function

By the way, the object view lets you switch to wire mesh for a better
overview. Select your complete room and then in the left menu there
is a symbol for that where you can switch.

Here Umakes youtube channel
Umake youtube cannel

and here some videos for architects
from Osama Elfar
videos for architects

Thats all

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Hi Deborah_Dardour

Here a short video from Osama Elfar
where you can see some tricks and
the push/pull function in action.