How to get better render-quality?


i’m new here👋 and have a question:

All images that i render are totally pixelated. what am I doing wrong? I tested different exports for hours (in raytracing and best quality).

I have an Ipad Air 5 with m1. VG Philipp


Hi! Apologies for the slight delay.

When you mention “pixelated” do you mean to the tiny grains (small dots on the walls for example)?

If so, there could be a couple of reasons for that (memory, amount of reflections in the scene, heavy textures, the amount of lighting in a scene, and others).

In the second example, I think the main reason is the reflective flooring that could cause more memory consumption into creating high quality rendering.

Also, what is the scale of you exports? Attached an example of @1x and @2x renderings. The higher the scale, the less artifacts are, but the longer it would to render. Here are the export settings and the results (@1x and @2x):



Let me know if this helps.